Beard vs No Beard: Understanding the Significance of Having Beard

Beard or no beard – which one looks better? It is a never-ending topic for debate. While a significant percentage of men find their beard looks attractive, others prefer a clean shave. However, the beard look has made a big comeback and is trending for its ability to present a man and help him make a lasting impression.

In the UAE, most men prefer to grow their facial hair to look prominent and be closer to their culture. A beard look is also a style statement for many celebrities and popular figures globally. But, does it really have such a strong impact on how you are perceived? Let’s find out why you should say ‘Yes’ to a beard and beard grooming in Abu Dhabi.

Significance of Facial Hair on Social Life

When a boy is taking his first step towards adulthood, facial hair becomes one of the major concerns. One can be confused if they should let their facial hair grow or remove it regularly to maintain a clean look. Before you opt for a bearded or clean-shaven look, you have to go beyond your appearance and understand the importance of a beard in your social life.

importance of a beard in your social life

Create a Look to Grab Attention

Every man wants to look attractive and be the centre of attention, no matter where they are. Whether it’s a get-together with friends, a family party, or a business event, they want to showcase their masculine side and charm to make an impression. With a well-groomed beard, men can appear more mature and sophisticated, emitting a vibe that no one can ignore.

Moreover, it’s noticeable that men with beards receive more attention from women than clean-shaven men, as a beard is seen as a sign of strength and masculinity. Women often perceive such men as more mature, capable, and strong.

trimming your beard

Look More Confident with a Beard

Have you noticed any change when you grow a beard or when you don’t? The difference between both looks lies in the level of confidence they exude. A beard acts as a confidence booster for men due to the mature look it provides. When styling and trimming your beard, you can significantly impact your social life. People tend to take you more seriously when you have well-groomed facial hair, boosting your confidence during interactions.

Achieve a Mature Look

As previously mentioned, a beard gives men a mature appearance. So, if you feel you look younger than your age and notice that younger individuals appear more mature than you, growing facial hair can be the solution. It will make you look older, wiser, and more confident, leading others to take your words and opinions seriously.

Discover the Health Benefits of a Beard​

Did you know that facial hair comes with various health benefits? If you are not aware, take a look at the following:

A beard is not just an element for men to look good. It serves as a protective shield for one’s face, keeping the skin healthy and glowing. As a beard covers most of the facial area, it can protect the skin from harmful rays of the sun and environmental factors, preventing rashes and other skin issues. Moreover, it can keep your face warm during cold days.

With so many cosmetic and medical benefits, you will enjoy having a beard. However, merely growing facial hair will not be enough for men to achieve their desired look. That’s when you should consider visiting a beard grooming and trimming shop near you.

beard salon near me

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